500 Essential Cult Movies: The Ultimate Guide



There are distinct qualities that make a movie a cult: a devoted and niche following, popularity based on word-of-mouth enthusiasm, and a tendency to remain in fans memories years after release, as well as many other intricacies, often hotly debated by film buffs. 500 ESSENTIAL CULT MOVIES sifts through the greatest movies ever made, to bring together a list of the best cult classics that ever graced the cinema screens or didn’t, in some cases! From Carpenter to Lucas, Cronenberg to Lynch, Scorsese to Spielberg the big names in cult are all there, as well as the more obscure films that may have sneaked below the radar. Sorted into chapters based on genre, this vast collection includes plot synopses, reviews and further viewing recommendations for each title. 500 ESSENTIAL CULT MOVIES is a must-read for all film aficionados and aspiring buffs alike.