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Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

Grumpy Cat’s worst Christmas Ever isn’t just about an internet-famous feline with a permanent frowny face, it’s the story of a little girl whose only Christmas wish is to make a friend and ends up with a miserable, trash-talking cat for a companion, because apparently Santa Claus has a sick sense of humour.

Big Driver

What kind of person would make the best murderer? The kind who would do the deed with a (relative) minimum of fuss, leave little to no evidence and, most importantly, not get caught? After seeing Big Driver, we’re voting for a mystery novelist.

Damages episode 5: We’ll just have to find another way to cut the balls off this thing

This week, Ellen barely has time to say ‘keep the meter running’ before Jerry appears and threatens the cab driver with a gun because he wants his hat. Welcome to Damages, where everything’s screwed up and the people don’t matter.